Esinniobiwa Quareeb sharing knowledge with developers at Code Squad Meetup Ilorin

Kwara State is gradually becoming a home for technology innovation, considering the rate at which youths are embracing digital skills and striving to make an impact on the global economy.

A few years ago, only but a few youths in Kwara state were into the tech field, unlike Lagos state that had gone far ahead of any other state in developing the tech ecosystem in Nigeria. However, a lot has certainly changed within a short span in Kwara State which is now endowed with a new crop of talented youths who are employing the use of digital skills to solve social problems locally and effectively competing globally.

In a process of developing the tech ecosystem in Kwara State, the good work of Honourable Justice Mustapha Akanbi Rtd (CFR, PCA) cannot be overlooked; in his benevolent attitude, he founded a tech hub where youths can collaborate and share ideas on how to use digital skills/technology to propound veritable solutions to social problems. Other notable tech platforms in Kwara are the Femtech tech company which is contributing immensely in Empowering youths with digital skills. Also in this realm is the Founders Hub established by Mr Adeyinka Adekeye. His outfit is a place for technologists, entrepreneurs, business owners to collaborate and share innovative ideas. All these innovations have been a great development and offers hope for the future of the tech ecosystem in Kwara State.

Students learning how to code at MAL Hub

The tech hubs frequently organize events, Seminars, Meetups to educate youths on new digital innovation, a lot of tech groups such as Gdg Unilorin, Women Techmakers Ilorin, Django girls Ilorin, Code Squad, Free code camp Ilorin. Specifically, MAL Hub Tech Community are doing a very good job to share resources among members.

The future of the tech ecosystem in Kwara State is bright; MAL Hub, as a leader in the field, is positioned to help anyone willing to acquire the best of digital knowledge. Please join hands with us!

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