It is a pity how some youths spend their life without realizing their purpose of being into existence. Many youths forget their core aims and objectives which makes it difficult for them to plan ahead for their future.

To be successful in life, it entails some sacrifice, there is no miracle in becoming a successful person, you must work hard diligently, you must develop the mindset of becoming great.

Many youths of the world today spend time on things that cannot benefit them or improve their financial status; many spend their time on a cell phone that will bring nothing to them except more bills; Watch movies that is irrelevant and add little value to their economic status and social life; many preferred playing games until they get tired; many love to engage in social chat that will not add value to their life.

How do you want to succeed? if all you do is eat, play, watch and sleep? You have to rethink and brainstorm on what you can do to earn yourself the value and financial freedom, you have to stop thinking about what mum will do, you have to be the focus and believe in yourself.

Right from their college days, some youths believe their parents can do all for them until they graduated from school and realize their parents can’t buy them promotion after securing a new job, this is a major problem we are facing in this part of the world.

Don’t sleep too excessive

Many believe youths are the leaders of tomorrow and therefore should be innovative, creative and acquire relevant knowledge that can change the world instead of wasting time on unnecessary things, we need to strive hard to add value to ourselves and the people around us, don’t sleep too excessive if you want to achieve greatness, endeavour to learn something new every day if you want to make a difference. You can only be successful when you have the ability to think for yourself and the people around you.

Finally, a man-made mistake or contributed to problems does not prevent him from volunteering to offer solutions if he so wishes.