Naturally occurring things are beautiful and cannot be compared to anything artificial; the more you behold nature the more you did love it. Nature makes you feel better and happy, its soften your heart, it makes you realize how it is important to love and show compassion to humanity. Indeed, nothing can be compared to nature’s beauty. It brings us to the realization of that eternal Being who crafted it all

The more you explore nature, the more you have insight about your existence in this world. Nature is science, a general term that explains the essence of our being. Nature, in its splendour, is also an art that we cannot do without.

Humans are often understood as a distinct category of this natural phenomenon and our ability to touch and feel, on the whole, helps us appreciate nature. Nature is us and we are nature, living or non-living. Certainly, nature is beautiful, we all love it…

Photo credit: LascotPhotography