When a pen is gripped in this manner, you should know that something great is coming

February 3, 2018, was a great day at Mal Hub, a pleasant day to always remember in the history of Kwaran students, the day developers from various campuses united to learn how to write code to solve problems at scale using the mighty GitHub tools.

Meet the youngest developer at the event

The event was a great success, with over 40 developers from different institutions across Kwara State in attendance including students of @Unilorin. it was highly impactful with a lot of motivational speech from speakers who talked on various topics to improve their coding skills. The settings were cool, registrations were well conducted by the volunteers and participants received GitHub Swags without no stress.

Kamaldeen speaking on the importance of GitHub and the great job Ingressive tech community is doing to assist developers in Africa

Kamaldeen Yusuf kick starts the event by introducing members to the importance of GitHub and the great job Ingressive tech community is doing to assist developers in Africa. He also emphasize on the roles of Ingressive Campus Ambassadors and why developers should leverage on GitHub to build amazing projects that can meet up with the global standard.

AJALA ABDULSAMII speaking on Enhancing your workflow using GitHub

Ajala Abdulsamii sensitized participants with a very beautiful presentation, taking them through various ways of enhancing their workflow using GitHub, at the end of his presentation, various questions were answered by the tech evangelist which gives participants broad ideas about how GitHub works in real live projects. He also asked some various code questions from participants, given them the chance to redeem the GitHub t-shirt if questions were answered correctly.

Olabamiji Ibrahim speaking on determination is a strong weapon to achieve all in the tech ecosystem

Olabamiji Ibrahim, the CEO of robust technology spoke on determination as a strong weapon to achieve all in the tech ecosystem. He made us realize that one needs to be determined and be submissive in other to achieve something great in life. He said that determination could be a topic on its own if vividly studied because being determined is said to have a potential power that kills other obstacles that want to find its way to ruin the dream you are chasing. He cited an example of his late friend who was always determined to achieve something in life.

Abdullateef Bolaji speaking on knowing your limit isn’t a crime, it’s a crime when you stop dreaming

Abdullateef Bolaji, the CEO Iqra Books Limited spoke on knowing your limit isn’t a crime, it’s a crime when you stop dreaming. In his presentation, he focuses more on how to dream big. Everyone dreams but not everyone put it into action. How to attain such a dream is quite easy and he discusses some of the ways to attain it. The idea is a powerful weapon when it comes to basic strategies to attain one’s dream.

He quotes that “if your idea is not stupid, then you haven’t provided a great idea yet”.

Olasegiri Oluwafemi won himself a Gitub t-shirt after explaining how Github can be used to enhance our workflow

Abdullateef Bolaji also discuss 7 things to consider in life so as to have a pathway to the successful zone;

  1. Know how to code.
  2. Know how to account.
  3. Know how to drive (having a mindset on how to drive a car, you are close enough to successful zone land).
  4. Learn how to backup your data
  5. Know how to secure your data beyond the usage of your laptop
  6. Learn a skill at a minimum
  7. Have a great mentor.

Esinnniobiwa Quareeb encourage Participants to write code to solve problems at scale

Esinniobiwa Quareeb, the Co-founder and Sr Software Engineer at CodeSquad encouraged participants to write code to solve problems at scale using GitHub, it was brief and highly impact-full.

And we call it a wrap, after taking enough selfies and group photos with speakers and organizers, the participants went home with a joyful face, more knowledge to brag about and some GitHub swags

First Ingressive Campus Meetup Event in Kwara State Family photo


Pictures from the event have been uploaded to Facebook, view the full album on Google Photos.


The Kwarapoly Ingressive Campus meetup wouldn’t have been a successful event if not for the support of some individuals. The Kwara State Polytechnic Ingressive Campus Ambassador and other volunteers would love to use this medium to appreciate everyone who contributes effectively. We say a big THANK YOU!


Kwarapoly Ingrssive Community

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Special thanks to Omiyale Akolade Dare and Basheer Abdulwasiu.