On a sunny day, the time to love with the moment to share joy and happiness comes the most hateful moment of her life, the time things fall apart like cotton blown away by the wind.

A saddened beautiful mother sitting with a face of aggression thinking about the story of a runaway husband who enjoyed all of his life spending extravagantly and drinking alcohol. What will she do to replace her loss?….

Her pretty face is getting rough as a ball played on sandy soil, looking at her face, you will see the expression of sadness. I was told she is a passionate woman with a great mind to create a good future for her family.

Her voice is becoming raspy, she barely talks with anyone for days, her movement is restricted within her compound except every market day when she will go and buy foodstuff to eat.

How can she continues to live like this for the rest of her life?…, am still yet to figure out what can make her happy again, her loneliness was the fact that she has no children after her runaway husband died of lungs cancer.

She lost all her four children years after her husband dies,
tell me how will she be happy? She deserves happiness just like every other woman in the world. Is she destined to be lonely for the rest of her life?

Written by: Kamaldeen Yousef ()
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