The mistake most people make is giving priority to their work, feeling superior and saying their work is hard. The truth part of it is that hard work is not hard work. If your work is hard no one will ever approach it.

Your work may revolve around critical thinking, constant practices, learning new things, attending several meetings and accepting rejection. This doesn’t make your work a hard job.

Designing a web application, understanding marketing scope, convincing people to have interest in your products, organizing people, video creation, programming, social media analysis and more are not hard work. It’s your ability to optimally realize why you are doing it that determines whether it is hard or not.

What may be considered hard work is a parent nurturing kids in an extremely difficult financial situation, a farmer working under the hot sun for over 8 hours a day or an industrialist working in a hazardous environment? These works are sometimes dangerous to attain success if you are not devoted determined.

Don’t say your work is hard while you’re sitting in a very Conducive air-conditioned room for more than 8 hours a day. Do your best, don’t convince people on how hard your work is and be creative with what you are doing, many hard works are not always hard.

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