In a world full of noise and thousands of explorations and information for the development of long-lasting and life-saving solutions to our extreme poverty rate in Africa, it is pertinent that our focus should be on how to develop the self-confidence to carry out the action that will help our country grow. However, this cannot be achieved when noise and hyper-descriptions have deluded us from acquiring the necessary skills to create these veritable solutions. Youths who are responsible for creating solutions are so keen about getting noticed and accolades online, forgetting that being consistent with the skills they have is the only way to make them world-class personalities.

What does it take to be extraordinary? Is it to make noise about what you do or to be discovered through what you do? Being consistent creates an opportunity to take up challenges and to up your game for the big picture. Once you become noisemaker without quality content to match the volume of your noise, you become vulnerable to failure and ridicule.

Like Bill Gates once said, “when a country has the skill and confidence to take action against its biggest problems, it makes outsiders eager to be part of it”. We need more skills, real skills that can solve real problems. Technical skills combined with other skills and emotional knowledge gives one the ability to solve minor challenges easily. The only way to succeed as a solution provider is to examine your inner strength, quantify it and balance it with your immediate needs. Until then, you should know what you lack and how fast you can keep track of upgrading yourself. You can’t do this when all you care about is noise and hype which prevents you from learning what will make you productive.

It takes courage and time to rise to the top. Being excellent requires sleepless nights, the devotion of time for practice and silent observations of your area of specialisation. No one will call you a quack when you have proven yourself to people who have experienced your value and many other people who are beginners in your field.

The world needs more than your noise. Upgrade your skills whenever you are alone, talk to other people who know more than you do, don’t let the act of egotism overcome you because it will destroy you. If you are a technical person, work more on improving your technical skills, share your experience with your community members through meetups, events, workshops or conferences. This will help you measure your ability to deliver. In doing so, don’t be carried away with Facebook likes or twitter comments, be open to suggestions and advice.

As a learner who aims at the peak of productivity, you should find these three exciting tips to develop your intellectual ability.

  1. Read extensively about various subjects;
  2. Implement what you read through practice;
  3. Be gentle with yourself and explore diversified ideas.

No matter what you do, think beyond your scope and ensure you separate noise from the content. It’s the only way to become excellent for the world to demand your expertise.