The tranquil state of an ocean gives a bountiful memory of past experiences. Many often think it is impossible to grow in a state of no guidance especially with heavy barriers against achieving success, we always put the blame on these background challenges which desist us from acquiring the needful resources to grow exponentially. Our self-esteem and determination weave around lots of unprecedented approaches to execute our imminent dream.

How can you break barriers without guidance through life’s adversity? I was asked this question in 2017 when I developed the interest of contributing to the tech ecosystem of my community. I do know what it’s like to embark on a journey without broad knowledge and little resources either. At first, it was a bit tough and very challenging. I started exploring the space after I was perturbed with a fancy thought of breaking a barrier. The most prominent thing that got me inspired was that self-thought of doing something valuable that will impact many people and which will in turn give me a happy life. I grew to discover that the only way to achieve this is through consistency by learning what is relevant, getting connected with the community and building a long-lasting relationship among different people with diverse backgrounds and knowledge.

It started with a self-thought, an eagerness to impact – to do good without thinking about my personal gain; an emotional thought about life beyond getting rich. I was able to overcome various challenges through things as simple as a smile and through silent and deep observation of my environment. I stopped the act of dreaming alone without implementing. The results of this make many wonders how I reshaped my background from a student engineer to a tech-savvy who advocates consistently on the importance of technology.

That dream to build and develop the tech ecosystem was inspired by an article I read in 2016 on how the world will change considerably with technology innovation. Many people already believed that technology is business and the future of work. Nigeria as a nation is working considerably well but not fast enough in tapping into the unlimited opportunity of a well structured digital economy. There are numerous restrictions that hinder the growth of this development in a country like Nigeria. Such hindrances include infrastructural challenges, access to quality education, unbalanced data, little or no resources and high cost of living.

Despite these various barriers, thinking too much about the barriers will only make you idler and prevent you from achieving any goals. the more you think about the rules the lesser your executing power. You will always have the syndrome of ‘nothing can work’. Live with a ‘No Guidance’ rule and conquer the world!

What are the No Guidance Rule To Conquer the world?

Many often think there is danger in starting what you can’t predict the end, however, you just have to break the barriers with these seven (7) beautiful cheats;

1. Ability to start without stressing the mind

2. Ability to communicate effectively with strangers

3. Ability to manipulate and forecast the future from a lean perspective

4. Ability to understand other people’s emotions

5. Ability to multitask and be consistent

6. Ability to love and respect humanity

7. Ability to learn, unlearn and relearn; self development.

Breaking barriers involves working with a formidable team, people you can always create a relationships with, share moments together, talk about what is working and what needs to be improved. It is key to breaking heavy barriers with ‘No Guidance’.

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