You are not alone in this world, this generation is not a curse and yes, you have the potential to be great. Our ways of life may be different but our attitude towards achieving success shouldn’t be lean.

We are the best but weirdest generation and we have so many reasons to put out our best. Our focus should not all be on bad leaders, our major focus should be on how we can turn our challenges into opportunities.

We need to empower ourselves, do what we can to take us out of this extreme poverty. We don’t need to wait for our leaders to decide our fate. Let us start by learning what the world demands which can be transformed into great fortune.

Having the mindset of a 21st-century leader is the ability to develop your intellect, co-create, coordinate a team to innovate a substantial product that can create jobs and boost our crawling economy.

Position yourself for the big picture because at this moment, you have what it takes. Limit your act of procrastination by doing what is necessary at the right time. What kills a dream is the lack of servitude for goodwill and confidence in oneself. You can overcome this by focusing on the strength within you and let your motivation be those suffering around you.

Many problems in today’s world are still unsolved. The more we wait for our leaders, the greater we lose. You can thrive at any of the four cardinal points; the North, East, West and South. Don’t be rigid, seek more knowledge that can make you worthy of living your dream life.

At this point in our time, we have seen it all. Many things happening are just a modification of what has happened in the past. My thought as a youth is that we need to consider ourselves our saviours. No one will do more for us than we can for ourselves. The corrupt leaders are not bigger than the country. We have what it takes to be innovative and proffer scalable solutions that will bring us out of this extreme poverty.

Here are Six things to do repeatedly to become a changemaker.

1. Review yourself

2. Seek feedback from people

3. Ask questions

4. Be curious and inquisitive

5. Read more

6. Be confident in your abilities

Dear youth, living in this century is not a curse, it’s an opportunity to be a change-maker. Prepare yourself for this space of innovation.