Kenkarmah — Attaining the highest level of knowledge for good

An old friend of mine shared her personal experience about how her life has been during this pandemic period. What she said still rings in my head. “Ever since this lockdown started, a lot has changed about my perspective on life. I’ve felt useless and weak because I don’t have skills worth paying for during this pandemic,” was her expression. She also claimed to have attended a series of masterclasses without gaining relevant value. She had learnt a lot, yet she felt empty.

I believe many people are victims of this syndrome. Trying to follow what people say that you should learn and keep learning about everything that comes your way. This always ends up bringing confusion to you on which skill to allow focus on and begin to monetize. This explains why some people have so many skills and yet they are broke. However, do you know that the little you know can fetch you money and fit you in for your dream job? All you need to do is stay focused and acquire needed skills that will make you prepared and relevant in the global world. I talk to some professionals randomly to get insights into how they are coping with COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the responses I got were a bit challenging.

Many do not find this period friendly. Some learners constantly complain about being distracted with the social media buzz of overwhelming masterclasses, seminars, entertainment and much more. Some often complain about not getting clients while a few talk about the positive impact on their career.

No one is awarded for possessing the highest number of skills but for what they can do with those skills. It is okay to know a bit everything but do not try to fit in for everything. You simply need to prioritize whatever you want to learn.

All masterclasses are not for you. Every FREE training is not for you. All lectures are not for you. All seminars are not worth your time. Pay attention to the only things that you need to know and can use to solve the challenges you are having at the moment.

Every day of our lives, we ponder why things need to evolve. The best of us are those who think critically about how to solve challenges with little or no resources. Despite my background, I am in a better position because of my ability to identify what I need to learn and the skills I need to acquire. Smart learners need this guide to stay focused on their careers. You need to know what they want and the top skills recruiters around the world are demanding for at the moment. Those looking for whom to recruit are looking for specialists and not generalists. I hope you are former and not the latter.

I therefore present to you one of my creative arms — Kenkarmah. A creative concept from me, Kamal Kehinde.

Kenkarmah is a word that translates to Attaining the highest level of knowledge for good. We need knowledge for the best purposes. What we do with our knowledge will either have a positive or negative impact on our communities. We therefore, need to prepare ourselves for the future of work. What we need is knowledge which will help us create innovative solutions that will reduce the rate of extreme poverty in Africa. We need to get ourselves involved in the transformation process of channelling our thoughts to solving daily challenges.

Kenkarmah will focus on;

  • Tech Innovation Highlight,
  • Virtualization And Cloud Computing,
  • Startup,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Leadership,
  • Career Guide.

There will be sessions on different topics related to acquiring the most wanted global skills. I will also prepare an ebook for learners to read. If you are reading this, you are not useless. You have just what the world needs to be a better place and together we can use it as a tool for your success.

Fly higher and stay productive.